10% of the blend

Our eight year Boston rum supplements the funky notes imparted by the Jamaican rum. It's distinctive flavor and aroma adds nuance, contributing an additional layer to the patchwork. 

Boston’s history of rum distillation dates back to the 1600s. Due to the triangle trade, whereby slaves from West Africa were sent to the West Indies, molasses from the west indies was sent to Boston, and rum from Boston was sent back to West Africa, Boston became one of the preeminent rum distilling cities.

During the height of the boom, there were 63 rum distilleries in Boston, and it was one of the largest industries in New England. By all accounts, the rum distilled in Boston was not good, but it was distinctive. Boston rum has come a long way, and a dedicated group of distilleries has built upon and elevated the city's reputation for making good rum.

Notes of: toasted nuts, caramelized fruits