Making, Drinking, &
Discovering Rum


As drinkers of rum, we’ve always appreciated the way in which flavor varies from one rum-making region to the next. As makers of rum, we’re fascinated by the way in which flavor is influenced by geography. Whether its distilling technique, climate, or soil conditions, the regional differences are what make rum a cultural calling card: It’s a global spirit with local distinction.


Whenever we travel,

we immerse ourselves in the local rum scene — the flavors, the makers, the trips off the beaten path. It’s all part of the experience. From the Dominican Republic to the Barbados. From Panama to Trinidad, Boston, and all points in between. It’s a bit of an obsession. That’s why when we came across the opportunity to buy barrels of some of our favorite twelve year rums, there was no way we could pass it up. 


Blended by bully boy

Founded in 2010 by brothers Will and Dave Willis, Bully Boy Distillers is located in the heart of downtown Boston. In addition to their Boston Rum, which was incorporated into Volume One of the Rum Cooperative, they also specialize in Whiskey, Gin, vodka and Amaro. To learn more about Bully Boy Distillers, you can visit them at


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2019 Gold Medal

San Francisco World Spirits Competition